Foundation course in Emotional Regulation, Communication, Sensory Support and Cognition - The Neuro-affirming way

We've uniquely compiled "All in action" online class in which all course modules have recorded videos showing how to implement techniques with an autistic child. It will show you "how to do" following step by step framework.

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  • Does your child struggles to communicate i.e. minimally speaking or non-speaking? Even after therapies?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed as a parent to handle your child’s meltdowns?

  • Do you have a difficult time understanding the intent of your child’s meltdown (not behaviour)?

  • Are you frustrated with your current therapy teams and techniques i.e. ABA?

  • Are you frustrated by training and books that talk about high level concepts without videos and no meaningful outcomes in autistic kids?

Our Class


Are you worrying about your child - Can my neurodiverse child be successful? Are you emotionally drained? Are traditional therapies giving negative or mediocre results? Let me show you in uniquely compiled techniques seen in recorded videos with an autistic child.

Course Highlights:

  • Pretend play and board games

  • Neuro-affirming alternatives to behaviorism and compliance- based therapies

  • Understand the intent of child's emotions (running away, aggression, stimming etc.)

  • Identify causes of anxiety before the meltdown happens

  • Implement 8 preventative strategies to help the child with emotional regulation

  • Navigating and maximizing autism resources (regional centers, health insurance,, local universities grad students, interns etc.)

  • Setting up and motivating your therapy team i.e. SLP, OT, Special needs teacher etc. for best outcome!

  • Take sensory assessment to create a custom sensory meltdown kit

  • Increasing talking by building joint attention, music, visuals etc.

  • Mother and father's stress, recommendations to improve relationships

  • Building daily routine

  • Outings help - Beach, doctor, vacation

  • Understanding how to deal with physical illnesses

  • Potty training guide


Are you tired of reading theories and talking to behaviour therapists with mediocre or no results? Collaborating with autistic children takes a unique mindset. Let me show you how can you learn that and apply yourself. All the modules have in action videos recorded with an autistic child.

Intro & Growth Mindset

Meet your child where the child is! We'll learn about growth mindset from Dr. Carol Dweck and see video implementation of how to achieve seemingly impossible goals.

Brain & Causes of Anxiety

We'll learn about upstairs and downstairs brain from Dr. Siegel and understand causes of anxiety. This will help understand why many autistic children don't make progress.

8 Sensory Systems & Custom Meltdown Kit

Confused about why your child had meltdown? This will teach you unique support needs of autistic brain. Take a short sensory assessment to create your meltdown kit.

Stages of Emotions 8 Preventative Strategies

Learn to understand aggression (biting, kicking, hitting, self hurt etc.) & meltdown better. See in action Neuro-affirming alternatives to behaviorism and compliance- based therapies. I’ll show you 8 preventative ways to reduce future aggression / meltdown.

Communication and Cognition

Speech therapy is slow or not working? Jump start communicating by building foundation -Joint attention. Learn how to use music and visual to get enhanced communication. I'll show you how to teach your child pretend play & board games.

Understand Behavior Therapies

Many autistic children do not develop cognition, social communication and happiness even after years of ABA. Why? Many parents complain about robotic speech, trauma, depression and sadness - even after years of ABA. We'll review videos and analyse in detail.

"Parents, I want you to have all the tools that I've compiled for our son. It may look overwhelming to start a new approach, but I have simplified in bite-size techniques so you can take advantage of early neuroplasticity in your child "

Monal Patel

Founder of braloooo

You didn’t come this far to stop.

Parent training to maximize outcomes in autistic children


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  • Recorded video implementation of techniques- Neuro-affirming alternatives to behaviorism and compliance

  • 8 preventative strategies – A must for all ages of autistic children

  • Learn how to read books with an autistic child who has 10 seconds of attention span

  • Assess and create a customized meltdown kit for your child

  • See implementation of all 8 sensory systems

  • Understand why ABA therapy can give mediocre or negative results

  • 6 months of on-demand access

  • 30+ research papers to download

  • Ebooks - Anxiety, Visual Song and framework downloads

  • Bonus videos

  • AAC device and S2C (Spelling to Communication)